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CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) Diamond

CVD Diamond Mechanical Series

CVD diamond is extensively used for dressing and cutting tools. We have developed a comprehensive range to cover every application.

Dressing Material

These are normally supplied as rectangular logs and squares in various lengths and cross sections, but specific sizes and shapes can be produced for particular applications, with or without processing to the growth side.

Benefits of CVD diamond in dressing applications include:

Cutting Material

A range of diamond blanks for cutting tool tips, which are grown in a controlled environment to the desired thickness of up to 2.0mm. Once this is grown, the CVD sheet is cut into the required shape and then typically vacuum brazed onto a tungsten carbide insert.

CVD cutting material as with the dressing material is chemically inert, since it is binder free, and has high thermal stability and high resistance to abrasive wear.

This product is most commonly used in the machining of non-ferrous materials, ceramics, abrasive composites, and other materials where a high abrasion resistance is required. The polished surface of the CVD layer enhances chip flow characteristics, and improves the cutting edge quality.

We offer three grades of CVD diamond for mechanical dressing and cutting applications as follows:

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